The Twitter Problem.

Okay, so over years and years I’ve been seeing the same thing happen repeatedly and it annoys me and many others to the extremes. That things is when you tweet Debby Ryan “Hey, FOLLOW ME!” right after she tweeted something inspiring or “MENTION ME!” I mean, do you even think about the words she is saying? Do you even take time to process it? My guess, no. & it doesn’t have to be right after, it can be at anytime. Debby DOES NOT like that. She has stated before that it annoys her. Let her follow and mention who she wants.She reads all her tweets. There’s not a day that goes by that she does not.  & Twitter is not about getting a celebs to notice you, it’s about SUPPORTING them and MAKING FRIENDS with other people. It’s about seeing how similar people are to you and how different. Learning about the world around you. & it doesn’t have to be just about Debby, it can be with any celeb. Just be more respectful. 

When a bug lands in my drink

I’m EXTREMELY annoyed.

Over the past few days, I’ve been seeing people saying “SPENCER AND DEBBY ARE DATING” just because they went to the TCA’s together. For one, Debby has gone to a lot of events with guys before. Just because this one is the TCA’s doesn’t make it any different. Second of all, Debby does not date actors. She has stated a thousand and more times. Last of all, but MOST of all, it shouldn’t be any of your business who she does or does not date. There should be a dividing line between public and personal life. Be a fan of her talent and her hard-work. She became an actress to follow one of her dreams, not to have people go ‘she’s dating blah blah blah.’ You can be friends with a guy and not be dating. The majority of my friends are actually guys, but am I dating them? No. I’m sure you get annoyed when others get into their personal life uninvited, but you somehow find it okay to get into hers? I think that’s called being a hypocrite. Be a fan of TALENT. NOT PERSONAL LIFE.